Alexandre was fascinated with animals from a very early age. His fish tank was his TV. He enjoyed training any animal he could and at the age of six he started to give fish presentations to his friends. His aquatic pupils could pull a string jumping out of the water and ring a bell to acquire food. As he grew up he enjoyed training his friends' pets, as well.

He went on to earn an Animal Science degree at the University of São Paulo, and a Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis on behavior and neuroscience from the University of Queensland, Australia. He made some very unusual friends such as a platypus and a hippo during his work in Australia’s Wildlife Park and Kruger National Park.

His great passion is improving the lives of animals and learning from them. He has published many books and articles on dog behavior and hosted two TV Shows (NatGeo and SBT). He also runs a dog school (Cao Cidadao), serving more than 1200 dogs per month. He is co-author of the scientific article A Dog at the keyboard, published in Animal Cognition, a study that showed and tested the competence of a dog trained to use a keyboard to ask for specific objects and activities.

To be able to impact more animals and people, he shares his knowledge through his daily radio program and through speaking engagements all over the world where he shares animal behavior research and training methods. He's now here to help you solve your puppy's biggest behavior challenges.

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