Puppy with Checklist
New Puppy Checklist

As professional dog trainers, we recommend products that we feel will aid our clients in training and caring for their canine. We’ve compiled a list of hand picked items that we have personally had success with or that our clients rave about. Please keep in mind that every dog is unique, and what may be safe and effective for one puppy may not be for another. Always monitor your puppy when giving him a new item and use your discretion when choosing products based on your particular dog’s chew and play style. We hope your dog enjoys these products as much as our own dogs or clients’ dogs do!

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Check out our Crate Training Course for tips on selecting the best crate for your puppy.

Baby Gates & Exercise Pens

Collars and Identification

Leashes & Harnesses


Treats & Treat Bags

Beds & Blankets

Brushes & Shampoo


Tug Toys

Fetch Toys

Chew Toys

Food Puzzle Toys

Piddle Pads

Cleaning Supplies

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