Sarah's love of animals started when her first dog, Rosie, came into her life when she was about 5 years old. Her family searched the local animal shelters, looking for the perfect family dog. They were blessed to find and adopt, Rosie, a Lhasa Apso/Terrier mix. Sarah had never before experienced the amazing bond with a companion animal, but she instantly bonded with Rosie and they became the best of friends. After this introduction to the wonderful world of animals, she developed a huge passion for them and couldn't get enough.

She started volunteering for a local pet store at 8 years old, and local rescue organizations and animal shelters in her early teens. She became a foster for rescued baby animals that ranged from a few days old to a few weeks old. Through this opportunity she got to experience the developmental and behavioral changes that baby animals go through as they mature. This peaked her interest in understanding how animals learn. As she witnessed such large numbers of animals being surrendered to shelters and rescues, she passionately worked to learn more about animal behavior so she could help people better understand and bond with their pet, in hopes of reducing the amount of animals surrendered to shelters.

Sarah earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She then went on to earn her certification as a professional dog trainer from the Ethology Institute, Cambridge where she studied under Roger Abrantes and was also mentored by her good friend, Alexandre Rossi. She is currently studying Canine Ethology through the same Institute. She still volunteers and fosters for animal rescue organizations in her spare time and works as a dog trainer helping clients, both online and in person. Together with Alexandre Rossi, they have become a driven team committed to helping you raise the perfect puppy.

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